KMS - Download & Install steps

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  • macOS (natively)
  • Unix (natively)
  • Docker
  • Windows OS

It is strongly encouraged to run KMS via Docker mode. KMS can run in any operating system supported by Docker. Docker mode reference.

Install considerations

To meet the highest security standards, KMS should be installed in a deny-from-all environment. It installs a set of CLI tools and commands to generate and store wallets / private keys securely.

KMS is shipped as a Node.JS binary, and Node.JS 14+ should be installed on your server. NodeJS >=14 and npm@6 is required. Best scenario under NodeJS 16

Install steps

  1. Go to the Tatum GitHub’s KMS page.
  2. Download and install KMS. 
    • On your local server || npm i -g @tatumio/tatum-kms
    • As a Docker image || docker pull tatumio/tatum-kms
    • Docker image source file and original
      • You may extend the Tatum Docker image as a base for yours via example:
        FROM tatum-kms:latest

More information is available at the following link.

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