TxnHash not found - Unconfirmed transactions

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 08:49 AM

When a transaction request is sent to the blockchain, it stays within the mempool waiting for confirmations.

In most cases, your transactions will confirm. How long this takes depends on the blockchain, how much fee was allocated and the level of congestion in the blockchain.

Good to know

When there's a dramatic spike in transaction activity, the mempool can become congested because so many transactions are waiting to be included in the next block. This causes delays of minutes or even hours that will impact the confirmation of your transactions.

In some edge cases, your transactions can be dropped from the mempool, going from status [Pending] to [Rejected] or dropped entirely, so you cannot find it in the blockchain explorer anymore.

This also applies for signed transactions via KMS in daemon mode. Using a custom nonce out of order can also cause getting the tx dropped.

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