Virtual Account - Withdrawal troubleshooting

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When sending Virtual Account assets from a deposit address(es) to the blockchain, the available Virtual Account balance can fail, and appear as a negative amount when there are blocked amounts in the account as well as there are withdrawals inProgress.


  1. Get account by ID: confirms currency, VA balance, and more.
  2. If you are using index && mnemonic/signatureId, make sure the index matches the address/PrivateKey.
    • Get all deposit addresses for a virtual account: finds all linked blockchain addresses to the Virtual Account as well as confirms their derivationKey / index
    • Off-chain Transfers from a Virtual Account to Blockchain require the proper use of a combination of Mnemonics, xpub, index, and PrivateKey via a match dictated by the REQUEST BODY SCHEMA
  3. If you are setting up manual fees in the transaction, ensure it's sufficient for the tx to be accepted by the blockchain.
  4. Check the Virtual Account balance via: Get account balance - Where:
    • accountBalance: All assets on the account, both available and blocked
    • availableBalance: The account balance minus the blocked assets; use the available balance to determine how much a customer can send or withdraw from their virtual account
  5. Check for any blocked amounts via: Get blocked amounts in an account
  6. Check for any withdrawals inProgress via: Get Withdrawals inProgress


Send TRON from a virtual account to the blockchain, where you would select REQUEST BODY SCHEMA: TransferTronMnemonics

POST || {{baseUrl}}/v3/offchain/tron/transfer

    "address": "TVAEYCmc15awaDRAjUZ1kvcHwQQa######",
    "amount": "100000",
    "index": 13,
    "mnemonic": "urge pulp usage sister evidence #### #### #### #### #### #### ####",
    "senderAccountId": "5e68c66581f2ee32bc######"
Make sure the Mnemonics, address and especially the index are a match in your Wallet, and that the address you are using containts enough Assets to cover the transaction.
In the specific case of TRON, make sure the address was activated by having a few TRX in it.

Good to know

When applicable, you may:

Contacting Support

If no luck with the steps above, reach out to Support with a ticket containing the following cURLs with Payloads and response bodies from the Virtual Account you have issues with:

  1. Get account balance
  2. Get all deposit addresses for a virtual account
  3. Get blocked amounts in an account
  4. Get Withdrawals inProgress

Additional information about how to submit a ticket is available at the following link.

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